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Sahi Love Heart Enamel Bow Adjustable Ring

Precio de oferta€77,00

Ours With love Collection Bow Ring is designed for something that can always bring a smile to your face, boost your confidence, and help you realize just how special you truly are. Whether you receive an item as a gift for your birthday or treat yourself - you know that you are in for something special. 

Sahi Love Heart Enamel Bow Ring

Type: Hand Enameled London Jewellery
Matel: Rhodium Plated on Brass
Dimension: 3.8*2.5cm fringe length 5CM
Weight: 17.5cm diameter Ribbon 3.8cm*2.5cm
Color: Silver + Violet
Warranty:   1 Year


Rhodium Plated Hand Enameled Violet Heart Shaped Size Adjustable Ring. This ring is size adjustable or size free. 3D bow shape, studded with zircon, embellished with natural freshwater pearls. Heart-shaped three-dimensional shape to create a flowing metallic feeling.

With Love Heat Bow Ring | Heart Ring for Girls
Sahi Love Heart Enamel Bow Adjustable Ring Precio de oferta€77,00