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Sahi Fantasy Pearl Charm Necklace

Precio de oferta€66,00

Ours Sahi Fantasy Pearl Charm Necklace is drawing inspiration from Fashion Fantasy, the designer considered the natural world in every aspect, sharing designer vision with a far wider audience than ever before, to make the collection fun  colourful  and modern shape the world of Fantasy.


Type:  Hand Enameled London Jewellery
Metal:  Hand enameled 18K Gold Plated on Brass
Color:  Blue + Pink + Golden
Dimension: 48mm X 27mm
(Chain Length: 40.5cm)
Weight: 5.67g
Warranty: One Year
Wear Type: Versatile in Style Daily Wear, Party Wear


18K Gold Plated Hand Enameled Beautiful Multi Color Unique Design (Blue, Pink, Golden & White Pearl) charm necklace with a pearl. unique multi color enamel handmade,

Sahi Fantasy Pearl Charm Necklace
Sahi Fantasy Pearl Charm Necklace Precio de oferta€66,00