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Sahi Love Heart Enamel Adjustable Ring

Precio de oferta€44,00

Ours With Love Heart Enamel Adjustable Ring is designed for something that can always bring a smile to your face, boost your confidence, and help you realize just how special you truly are. Whether you receive an item as a gift for your birthday or treat yourself - you know that you are in for something special. 

Sahi Love Heart Enamel Adjustable Ring

Type: Hand Enameled London Jewellery
Matel: Rhodium Plated on Brass
Dimension: 17.5cm diameter 1.5cm*1.5cm heart
Weight: 4.61G
Color: Silver + Violet
Warranty:   1 Year


Rhodium Plated Hand Enameled Violet Heart Shaped Size Adjustable Ring. This ring is size adjustable or size free. 3D bow shape, studded with zircon, Heart-shaped three-dimensional shape to create a flowing metallic feeling.

With Love Open Heart Ring for Girls | Sahi London
Sahi Love Heart Enamel Adjustable Ring Precio de oferta€44,00